make Instagram SEO and the algorithm your servant to skyrocket your results

here is a quick guide to what Instagram SEO is about and how you can implement it on your page.

Instagram SEO is an essential tactic for improving brand discoverability making your brand more search friendly. improved discoverability means increased chances to grow your following and build a strong Instagram community.



What is Instagram SEO and how to implement it to increase your reach

Instagram SEO is important for a number of reasons:

‑ SEO plays a significant role in reach and user discovery on various platforms.

‑ similar to how you would search terms on Google, users can search on social platforms to discover and explore new accounts, hashtags, and locations.

‑ social platforms also use SEO to populate suggested posts to users with interest in your specific topics

Instagram’s algorithm filters every piece of content to determine what the post is about and who might find it valuable.


here are 5 tactics to steer you in an optimised direction


    1. write descriptive captions with keywords your target audience would be more likely to search

    1. add keywords to your either profile name or username since both are searchable

    1. include up to 30 relevant and targeted hashtags in your posts

    1. add descriptive alt text to your posts by adding valuable details and selected keywords

  1. be consistent with your specific niche, teaching the algorithm what your brand is about

Instagram focuses on these critical factors when looking at your content:


‑ relevance to the search query.
the algorithm tries to match users to their interests by looking at top posts, accounts, audio, tags, and places they have searched.

‑ user activity.
if the algorithm thinks someone will be more interested in one post over another, it will be prioritised according to that user’s previous activity.

‑ information about search results.
when there is a high volume of results for search terms, Instagram will then prioritise the results based on the account likes, shares and follows to decide where your account will rank.


bonus tips:

6 steps to get on the explore pages Instgram by Acorns Collect Full service digital, marketing and design agency

here are 6 steps to get yourself on the Instagram explore page of your target audience

step 1: use related keywords in your captions

step 2: use those same keywords in your hashtags

step 3: create saveable content. focussing on pain points within your industry is a good place to start

step 4: engage in your industry before and after making your posts

step 5: engage more on the explore feed. this will be a good indicator of how Instagram perceives your business

step 6: always respond to comments, especially in the first hour after posting



happy posting!